Natural Arthritis Rheumatoid Treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a painful joint disease that progressively weakens joints, hampers their normal use and eventually leads to further health complications. It is an Auto Immune Disease that is reportedly irreversible, leaving the affected people no choice but to live with the problem for life and rely on medicines to counter pain and ease joint movements. It is important to remember that these are strong medicines with definite side effects experienced over time.

natural Arthritis Rheumatoid treatments

The traditional Ayurveda form of medicine has been observed to be an effective, safe and natural way to treat RA. Ayurveda attributes this malfunction of the immune system to the build up of toxins (“Aam”) in the body and an imbalance in Vata around the joints, and hence refers to this disease or condition as “Aamvaat”.

Gastrointestinal health is crucial in regulating toxins (Aam).  Diet, digestion and excretion need extra attention for attempting to recover from RA. Ayurveda treatments focus on strict dietary control, apart from addressing the concerns of digestion and excretion by prescribing select herbal powders or liquids to be taken orally. Oil massages are totally avoided until the condition improves considerably.

Those affected by RA must avoid foods such as curd, black gram (urad dhal), Jagger, rice, and fatty foods that are heavy.  Fresh, light, warm, fibrous, easily digestible food is recommended.  Including spices such as turmeric, black pepper, ginger, and methi is bound to aid digestion and keep the system healthy.  Use of Garlic and Heeng help regulate the Vata element in the body. Foods that have a cooling effect, are oily, cause constipation, are stale (leftovers, reheated) must be avoided.

Staying active is a must though painful, but the condition is bound to gradually improve during the course of treatment.  While home remedies can help combat RA, the right diagnosis and treatment most suited to an individual’s constitution is the key to cure, and Ayurveda treatment for the same disease does vary from one person to another to effectively treat each specific condition.

Several patients have responded positively to different natural Arthritis Rheumatoid treatments. Good news is that AIIMS too has endorsed Ayurveda treatments for RA, noting a marked improvement in the condition of the affected with the use of Ashwagandha powder and Sidh Makardhwaj.

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