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For any common man earning means a lot. It is the reason for all the economic activities one may be carried. Many people prefer to have a business, but due to some of the factors, the business may not be able to offer desired returns. In such situation, the stock trading can prove as a beautiful option. The requirement of small capital and holding of limited risks make one enjoy trading in this market. Many of the listed companies are there, where one can see the movement in the share prices and hence one can surely earn profits if the trading is carried out at right moment.

The trading:

For trading in this market, one needs to have at least one trading account. One can get it opened from any of the top 10 stock brokers in India. If one does not have a trading account, he can get it opened for which he needs to provide personal details and documents. There is an account opening form that needs to be filled and submit to the service provider. However, one needs to check that before going for any such account opening he is aware of the charges that will be levied by the service provider. Usually, the service provider has all the information available in written form only, and the client can go through the same before signing it. Once the form is submitted to the service providers, it takes a couple of days to get the account opened.

The account and style of trading:

There are online and offline accounts for trading in the stock market. The trader needs to get one of them as per his requirement. Before going for any of these accounts, he must be aware of the benefits and limits of both of them.

In the online account, the best part is the trader does not need to depend on anyone. He can trade on his own. He can place the order or caps as per his requirement using his computer or smartphone. He can check the account limits and also set profit booking and stop loss limits. However, for this one needs to remain free and focused during market hours. Hence those who are busy during the trading hours must not opt for this account. The trader who wants to go for the online account must have the facility of computer and an internet connection.

For those who are busy or not aware of how to place the orders the offline account can be a better option. Here one just needs to call the terminal operator and ask for the prices of shares of the particular company. If he is willing to place the buy or sell order for the same he can instruct the operator accordingly and trade. Here the limit is one needs to depend on the operator, and in case there is any problem in communication it can cause a lot of troubles. For the account position also one needs to ask the operator and he updates for the same.


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