An Overview of The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies In India

What does an EPC company basically do?

The leading EPC companies of India deliver projects in totality in the infrastructure and turnkey constructions sectors. The EPC houses all have the requisite expertise and great deal of experience in the execution of challenging and very complex projects in any industry.

The projects are to be delivered promptly on time and the construction needs to adhere to the best quality standards.

An EPC company ideally requires a huge infrastructure of its own, which includes enough financial backup, human resources, plants and machinery and quality control mechanism.

The topmost EPC companies in India: Their profile

The best EPC companies in India cater to customers from the oil and gas, construction, highway, power and engineering sectors.

  • The leading EPC companies in India provide excellent services and guarantee customer satisfaction every time. They offer their services to fresh construction or revamping of old ongoing projects. The companies have some very outstanding customers in Bharat Electronics, Indian Railways, Power Grid and so on. They have won a number of awards and accreditation for being some of the best EPC companies India as well as world leaders in some cases too.
  • Traditionally large in size and manpower, the EPC companies offer a very wide range of services in construction as well as engineering. They are some of the most experienced EPC companies with loads of turnkey projects in its credit.
  • Some of the largest EPC companies in India are powered by teams of more than 450000 experts and some have presence in over 85 countries worldwide. The companies in the lead have a wide range of clientele including Nuclear Power Corporation, Tata Chemicals, Bharat Petroleum and so on.
  • The topmost EPC companies in India expertise in all such projects, which are, associated with water, Hydro Power, Transportation, and Atomic Power sectors.
  • With a client – base of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, GAIL India, Godrej Properties, the top EPC companies also provide best quality services in after sales support. The customers are always the happiest when they work with one of these concerns.

Features of the EPC Business in India

The aim of all EPC projects, be in India or abroad, is the completion of construction and hand over of the finished project to the customers. The single point interaction platform works very well for the customers, as they can put their entire focus on that one point and make much better contribution in the construction.

All the projects need to be completed in time, and must also cater to the highest quality standards.

Being huge infrastructural projects, these constructions have to undergo the most stringent of quality, safety, and timely completion norms. All the leading EPC companies in India have strong teams of specialists in every functional area.

The foremost industries of India that have utilized the services of EPC companies to execute their turnkey projects include:

  • Waste water and Fresh Water
  • Miscellaneous Structural works
  • Construction of gas pipelines
  • Packages of plant water system
  • Material handling systems

So, we hope that you now have a clear picture of EPC companies and their working.

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