Pizza: Its beautiful history and know about America’s first frozen pizza

The pizza is known to have been considered to have been introduced first in the Italy. For centuries, it was the food of the peasants. But, who has introduced this novel food is something that cannot be really determined. According to few food historians, dishes which were quite similar to that of the pizza could be traced to ancient Egyptians and Greeks. With time, there were numerous creative preparations made from this dish, thus making it really delicious and tempting. People of all ages have been enjoying this rich delicacy for many years now.

Its history

Pizza is said to be an introduction of an individual named Raffaele Esposito belonging to Naples, Italy. He was an Italian and the owner of a Tavern called ‘Pizzeria fi Pietro e Basta Cosi’ during the 19th century. He is regarded to be the inventor of the pizza of today. It was for Savoy’s Queen Margherita that he had cooked his pizzas in 1889 to welcome her in the city of Naples. He had created a pizza which resembled the flag of the country. The pizza was considered to be a combination of basil, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. It was named Famouse Pizza Margherita.

Introduction of pizza in the United States

It was Gennaro Lombardi, an Italian immigrant, who had first introduced the very first pizzeria within the United States. Lambardi’s was opened in 1905, when an establishment was provided by the New York City with the very first license to come up with a pizzeria within the U.S.

Several chains began to emerge in the U.S., with increasing popularity of this delicacy. The previous chains were founded in Sacramento California in 1954, in the name of ‘Shakey’s Pizza’. The other earlier popular chains had been founded in Kansas in 1958, named the Pizza Hut, while in 1943 was established in Georgia named Josey’s Pizza. These days, pizza order online have become quite popular with pizza lovers across the globe.

Frozen pizzas

It was Rose Totino who is credited with introducing to the world, the very first frozen delicacy. Rose had opened up a restaurant in 1951 in Minneapolis with her husband Jim on a shoe-string budget. They enjoyed quick success in their business, such that Jim had managed to quit his bakery job in just three weeks of opening the restaurant.

Jim’s and Rose invention of the initial frozen pizza was found to be fabulous as take and bake. Jim was said to have worked on the crust of the pizza, while Rose applied the sauce. They alter contracted crust from Chicago and applied their own delicious sauce to it. Hence, it was in 1962 that the frozen pizzas business got started and with time, it grew enormously, such that the couple was noted to have sold off their rights in 1972 for a whopping $20 million to Pillsbury.

Since then, pizza home delivery got immensely popular and can now be ordered online from the leading companies and portals supplying it.

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