Preventing Gynaecological Problems

Gynaecological problems are now very common among women. They suffer from these problems at some point in their life. Most of the time, women tend to make an excuse to avoid visiting a doctor. But this ignorance can lead to many serious problems. Most of the gynaecological problems are mild and can be treated well if diagnosed in its early stage. Some gynaecological problems can turn out to be very serious and can also affect the fertility and quality of life.

5 most common gynaecological problems that every woman suffers from at some point in their life are as follows:

  • Dysmenorrhea- some of the common side effects of menstruation among women are back aches and abdominal cramps. But some women often experience an excruciating pain during this particular time which is termed as dysmenorrhea.
  • Ovarian cysts- most women are unaware of this problem. It can be big or small. These are fluid filled sac that develops on or around the ovary and most women are unaware of it. It may or may not be a tumour and can dissolve on its own but this needs to be diagnosed carefully.
  • Endometriosis- in this case, uterine tissue usually starts growing outside on the walls of the uterus. The cause of endometriosis is still unknown. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, bowel movements and pain during intercourse.
  • Poly cyst ovarian disease- PCOD is a gynaecological problem where the ovaries producing follicles develop into cysts instead of eggs affecting a woman’s fertility. Irregular periods, acne, hair loss are some of the common symptoms.
  • Urinary tract infection- this is usually caused bacterial infections mainly triggered by frequent intercourse, pregnancy or diabetes. Symptoms include burning sensation while urinating, increased urge to urinate, abdominal cramps and painful intercourse.

Maintaining proper hygiene should be the main priority of everyone in order to avoid some harmful gynaecological problems. Below are some everyday habits that gynaecologist in Dwarka suggests you to change in order to stay away from these gynaecological problems:

  • Always wash your under wear properly since harmful bacteria tend to gather up in the if you do not wash them for months. Soak your under wear for about 30 minutes and then try to wash them with hands. Dry them in the sunlight as it kills the bacteria effectively to prevent gynaecological problems.
  • Staying up late at night or getting up early also affects your health. If you stay up late for a long time it can cause body rhythm disorder, imbalance in oestrogen and progesterone hormone that can even cause fibroid, endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours and maintaining a healthy diet, eating fruits and green vegetables is sure to benefit a lot.
  • During your menstrual days, every woman should pay attention to keep themselves clean. Use best quality tampons or sanitary napkins and make sure to replace them every 4 hours. Feminine hygiene products do not help much either in cleaning your genital area since it is capable of cleaning itself. So don’t use much of it.


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