Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC)

The College is an Inter Service Category ‘A’ establishment, carried out by the Director General of Military Training, Army Headquarters, Delhi. It was started on 13th March 1922. The location was on the property of the past Rajwada Camp, which was setted in the middle of 138 acres of land in Dehradun Cantonment.

RIMC has a long history and rich heritage. Over the years the cadets graduated has given many leaders, both armed as well as public.Besides, many high public officials like Governors, Ambassadors, Ministers and Captains of industry have passed through the Rashtriya Indian Military College have brought our country the fame.

The aim of this institution is to provide the candidates with required education and training to ensure admission to the Royal Military College. RIMC was not, in fact, a College, but an institution which ran along the lines of an English public school. The British considered that to become an army officer, if education in Britain was not possible, education at public school in India was necessary. The British considered that public school education was necessary for Indian boys which will make them disciplined.

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is an Inter Services Institute and a Category A establishment of the Ministry of Defence. The College accomodate public school education to young boys of the age group of 11 and half to 18 years which are selected through a competitive exam which is conducted on national level in India.A devoted cultivator to the National Defence Academy. The college aims to send maximum boys to the NDA i.e. National Defence Academy. The importance is on complete education and overall personality development of a candidate. In case of a boy not joining the National Defence Academy due to any reason, the Rashtriya Indian Military College ensures, in the next five years of academic course, that he securemaximum academic skills to get admission in any college in the country.

Enclosed in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges in neighbourhood of the Doon Valley, the Rashtriya Indian Military College has a extending campus of 138 acres; an absolutely perfect green and serene setting for establishing young minds. It builds a perfect sphere, a mini India with 250 boys who are selected from every state stringently on merit basis by conduction a pen-paper exam, interview and a medical test.

The campus has a few traditional buildings, some about a hundred years old. These graceful buildings abodes the cadets in sleeping quarters, with a mess and dining hall for meals; the education block with luxorius study rooms and fully furnished labs which looked after by a professional faculty. Besides, it has playing fields, courts, swimming pool and all facilities that are requisite for all extra-curricular activity.

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