The Reach Of Amira Food Products And Its Success


Amira food products initially start their business with rice. Basically the rice is completely grown up in India. Under Himalayan region in some villages rice are grown, around 200,000 farmers involved their land in this process Amira food products received awards for its excellent manufacturing and maintaining its brand standard. Amira foods just not stop their work with rice they extend their chain by introducing oil, snacks, Dairy products .All age group people loves to have snacks . Amira rice has a name like one of best Basmati Rice. Especially Indian based snack has completely packed with spices and flavors each and every bits have different flavors filled in your mouth.

Details Of Amira Food Products

The varieties of snacks Amira foods offer is as follows navaratna mix this mixture consist of corns, peanuts, and Channa dal for spices Indian based masala added into it so it is a mixture of aromatic flavor. Aloo bhujia it is snack which is made up of potatoes with spices one of the famous snack among kids once starts having it you can’t stop yourself. Zabardast slims it is also a potato snack sauté with Indian herbs no added preservatives in it. Bikaneri bhujia it an authentic Rajasthan snack which is made up of Bengal gram flour and turmeric with Rajasthan origin spices. Khatta meetha a snack with has both the taste of sweet and sour many people like this combo sometimes kids also. Moong dal it is a snack made up of fried green gram pulse seasoned with some salt it is highly nutritious one easily digestible also. Then while coming to the oil section Amira food products sell vegetable oil alone where oil is extracted from plants. Ghee which is offered by Amira foods is vegetable ghee used for cooking in Middle East countries. Shortening is made from palm oil for bakery products preparation like cakes, cookies, Pastries, fresh creams and breads.

Margarine Amira foods sell this it looks like butter but instead of butter you can use margarine it has unsaturated good fats so when comes to health it is good for heart patient. Dairy products which are offered by Amira food is Ghee which is obtained from hygienic cow’s milk   it is consider as high quality ghee and the food prepared from this ghee has a unique smell and taste many chef reviewed like this. They offer full cream milk powder as well as skimmed milk powder the way they manufacture the milk powder is totally hygienic by spray drying, they ensure that the milk powder does not contain any foreign particles, dust, and lumps. Color of the powder is in half white and have pleasant aroma.

For infant feed they produce Amira lactose edible grade taste is sweet looks like crystalline and in half white color. Condense milk by Amira is very famous among many countries by evaporating  a portion of water content from the whole milk and adding organic sweet agent like cane sugar condensed milk is prepared. Amira food sells their product over 60 countries.

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