Reasons for Why You Must Visit Karachi At Least Once

Karachi — The Fifth Largest City of the World and Indeed the Largest (Former Capital) City of Pakistan — isn’t just all about the huge crowd of 25.3 Million. This amazing city of Pakistan is known as the City of light that’s all about fun, food, beaches and wedding seasons that goes up till 364 days out of 1 year. Why not 365th day then? Well, it’s the New Year Night or probably another wedding day. You never know because Karachi is simply unpredictable and interesting place to be.

No matter which part of the world you are in now, it’s really the best time to Book PIA flight and check-in to Karachi. Making it more persuasive, here are few amazing reasons to why you should visit Karachi at least once in your entire life.

Architectural Value

If you are a traveler, you truly realize that either one can find the modern architecture or the ancient at one place. How about trying out the finest mixture of Old and New all together at one place? Being in Karachi, you can explore the true colors of exquisite past at Mohatta Palace. This palace is also a symbol of love and quite an intense one because this Palace was constructed to save a loving wife from dying before time.

Undoubtedly, the vibes Mohatta Palace is based on is enticingly nurtured with love, care and affection. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why that vibe of love is still alive.

Food that is Limitless

Being in Karachi, you will get to front a bazillion of food choices and all good enough to tease your taste buds. If the waving fragrant smoke coming out of Dheg (Large Commercial Cookers) doesn’t invite you to simply rush and order a plate for yourself, you are not in Karachi then.

In addition, Karachities are known for being foodies and why not as it’s the place that gives you easy access to Biryani, Raita, Karhai, Naan, Lassi, Chay (Tea), RusGulla & GulabJamun at almost every commercial street. Whether you are a fan of sweet dishes or you are fond of spicy food, just try Karachi and I promise that you won’t wish to have your way back so soon.

Sea-View & Bhutta

Looking for a place that is forever pleasant? Must Book PIA flight and visit sea-view Karachi. There are many beaches spread all around the city that adds up to its beauty. In addition, this beauty is further enhances when you hear crackle sort of voice coming out of coal that are preparing Bhuttas (Corn on the Cob) for you. With the true Desi (Traditional) way of bhutta preparation, one gets to stick around the mouth watery moments when find spices being sprinkled over hot-Bhutta being further coated with a layer of lemon-rub. Lemon Juice of the Bhutta Makes it even yummier and makes one feel like want-to-have-a-bite now.


It’s the word mostly used in Karachi when people especially women are willing to shop and even shop to an infinity. Karachi gives you with so many varieties for shopping that you can’t resist yourself from over-shopping in the Bazaars (Market). If you want to shop from mall, must visit Forum, Ocean Mall, Park Towers, Ashiana, Neuplex, hyperstar, Millennium Mall, Atrium and many more. In case, you are willing to discover the true yet traditional color of Karachi, it’s time to visit Hafta-Bazaar & Itwaar-Bazaar.

Hafta (Saturday) and Itwaar (Sunday), these are held at various spot in Karachi where middle class and lower middle class oriented people can find goods at affordable price. Mina Bazaaz, Kagzi Bazaar, Kaharadar Market, Bolten Market, Empress Market, Saddar, Light House and Zainab Market are the places you can discover the true color of Karachi.

In a nutshell, Karachi is simply a colorful place to be so just Book PIA flight check in to Karachi this season.


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