“Rooting” out your hair fall problems

Hair fall is one persistent problem that every woman faces. Is your hair brush always tangled in a mess of hair after you have just brushed your hair? Do you see hair strands sometimes hanging from your clothes? Well, this is not a problem that you are facing alone. Plenty of other women all across the world are also going through the exact same thing!

So, how do we deal with this problem of hair fall?

  1. When it comes to excessive hair fall, it is best to always treat it naturally at home. Apart from good hair care products, you also need a few homemade hacks to look after you hair. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective homemade remedies that help in rooting out all the hair fall worries that you might have:

good hair care products

#Hair Fall Remedy 1: The first sign that your hair is becoming brittle and is going to break off easily is when you see that your hair is turning dry. In order to tackle this problem, the best would to be to go for a mixture prepared with some olive oil, egg and honey. While the egg white works great in treating the dry hair, the olive oil helps in stimulating growth. The honey by acting as a natural conditioner, adds a glaze to your mane.

#Hair Fall Remedy 2: If you want to keep it simple and want to go for one single ingredient, then your best choice would be aloe vera juice. This works deep inside your hair follicles and helps in maintaining the correct pH level that is required for proper hair growth and to prevent loss of hair. You just have to apply the aloe vera juice right on your scalp and keep it there for some time and then wash it off.

#Hair Fall Remedy 3: Scalp fungus is one of the main reasons behind hair fall. Now, if you want to strike at the root of the problem then you might want to try some garlic paste. A compound named allicin is found in garlic which is really effective when it comes to treating hair loss. All you have to do is take some olive oil, add around 8 cloves into it and boil it. Apply the mixture directly on your scalp.

#Hair Fall Remedy 4: Another, little known method for treating hair loss is by applying rosemary oil. The main function that this oil performs is that it makes sure that blood circulation happens properly in the hair follicles and hence it not only prevents hair loss but promotes hair growth as well. You can buy hair care product online where you will surely find rosemary oil.

#Hair Fall Remedy 5: Your hair fall treatment can never be complete without the use of amla. You can make a mixture of amla and lemon juice and then apply it on your hair. Make sure that it stays on for some time and then use lukewarm water to wash it off.

Try out these simple hacks and you will surely feel a difference in a month or two!


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