Rudraksha brings power and positivity

Rudraksha bead is always said to be born from the part of Lord Shiva and that is why it has been considered to be a very powerful one since ages. It is always said that a rudraksha bead can protect an individual from all the negative powers that always prevails around the world.

It also keeps a human being in good health. That is why; many people recommend an individual to wear a rudraksha bead. According to Hindu mythology, it has all the powers of Lord Shiva and that is why; those positive effe4cts are injected in those who wear them. There are different varieties of rudraksha beads available each having different sets of powers and one can wear any one of them which suits them according to their birth chart. This bead also brings spirituality in a human being as well. It can bring good luck’ positive effects in life, prosperity and success in life.

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It is said that a faceless rudraksha is the most powerful and it is known as Nirankara rudraksha. Many astrologers say that if a 4 mukhi rudraksha and a 6 mukhi rudraksha can be tied together with the help of a copper wire and is worn by an individual; then it will help in memory growth and attentiveness of an individual. This type of rudraksha is mainly recommended to students who are pursuing higher studies or doing research as this can bring a lot of success in field of studies. If one has a lack of energy and conviction and they need to gain energy to achieve something in life; then a nine mukhi rudraksha can come to their rescue. They can help them in gaining positive energies in life and can also help them to put it in a good use.

If one is thinking about a rudraksha mala then they should know that this mala has at least 108 beads among which 54 beads are known as ardha mala and 27 beads which are known as nakshatra mala along with 21 mukhi rudraksha which is a very rare one and is known as the indra mala. When one buys a rudraksha mala and wears the new one it can be a bit honey colour but as time will pass this colour will be gone and it will gradually turn black in colour. The tenderness or softness of the rudraksha is gone by then and it becomes a bit hard as well.

This rudraksha mala is said to be the best one when one wants to do ‘japa’ or meditation. For rudraksha mala online shopping one has to go for the authentic sites which deal with original rudraksha beads and malas. It is very powerful and brings good health to an individual. This rudraksha when worn is said to bring positive results within 40 days.

It is a good idea to wear a rudraksha on Monday after worshipping Lord Shiva. This has the utmost effect on an individual and helps them to succeed in life ahead.

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