All that you Need to Know to Treat your Sciatic Nerve Pain

sciatic nerve pain treatment

Our body is a multitude of tissues which are working together to keep it functioning. There are so many body parts that we know so little of and yet we keep on getting bothered by problems that are caused to them. Most of the times, we have pains and discomfort that bother us, but we do not know what is causing it and where exactly it is originating from.

Thus we become worried about the treatment plan and get panicky. One such pain is caused by improper functioning of the sciatic nerve. Do you know what the sciatic nerve is and how the sciatic nerve pain treatment works? Well, then here are some little details that you need to fill yourself up with.

What is the sciatic nerve?

We know that our spinal cord is connected with our legs, but do we know how? Well, had the spinal cord not been connected to the legs, then we do not have been able to maintain our posture while walking, and there would hardly be any coordination of the upper torso of the body with the legs. It is the sciatic nerve which controls and coordinates these actions. It is a nerve which arises from around the end of the spinal cord and through the thighs, travels directly to our feet. Sciatic nerve is the longest single most never that the human body has.

How does the sciatic nerve get affected?

A lot of people suffer from pain to the sciatic nerve, but they hardly realise that this is a sciatic nerve pain, until they visit a doctor. Well there are numerous reasons for which sciatic nerves might get affected. If due to some hasty movement or a wrong posture or an accident, the nerves of your lower back face any kind of compression, then that might affect the entire sciatic nerve, which gives rise to a lot of pain. The fact that your sciatic nerve has been affected can also be realised through symptoms like you are experiencing a sharp shooting pain and that too in one leg. You will feel better when you walk or lie down, but if you sit then you will feel the pain getting worse. If you are experiencing any symptoms like this, then you should immediately consult your physician. This condition is often referred to as sciatica.

How is sciatic nerve pain treated?

There are various means through which this can be treated, best of which would be the non-surgical means, if the cause of the compression is not a tumour and requires surgery. Physiotherapy is one of the best possible treatment plans for a pain like this. You can also try proper medication to cure the compression which will eventually bring down the pain. Osteopathy and acupuncture are two treatment methods that a lot of people swear by when it comes to treating sciatic nerve pain. It is best to take rest for some time before you get back on your feet and limit your activities a little for a few days.

If you think that your sciatic nerve might be affected because you are experiencing similar symptoms, then you should visit a good doctor, today.

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