How to Select and Care for Your Wig


As a hair stylist, you are bound to encounter, a lot of clients who want to spot a wig to enhance their looks. The general advice that I can roll out is that it is important not to settle into one and there is always a scope of experimentation added to the fun element.

When it comes to ladies wigs for sale, here are a few options that you can consider

Evaluate all your options

Wigs are available in varying styles and that too in different qualities, so evaluate your options before you hop on one. Do have a thinking on the budget aspect because the price of it varies considerably. The costlier the wig is, the standard of materials used is higher. You also need to evaluate the pros and cons of selecting a human wig or a synthetic wig. In the case of the latter, they are sensitive to temperature or heat and may not look all that natural. In the case of the former, it looks more natural, but the cost aspect shoots a tinge higher. But more maintenance is needed in the form of washing, drying, and cleaning.

Buy a wig that fits you

This might seem a bit obvious, but always opt for a wig that fits you. Yes, you can order on the internet, but do you have an idea on how it will look on you. The feel-good factor is necessary, so it is better you go to the nearest store and purchase one.

Once you have identified a wig, have it cut and styled on your head. It should align with your head and face. If you are looking for a wig with a natural appearance, it will be costlier and do not wear fringes around your face.

Care and maintain your wig

You need to understand the fact that a wig is different from natural hair and you need to take care of it. Over-styling or over-washing can hamper the integrity of the wig and do not shampoo it every day. In comparison to the natural hair, there is no need to contend with natural hair oils in case of a wig which our body produces. So, for this reason, the wig will hold your hair for a longer period of time and all you just need to do is to remove the environmental mishaps.

When you are planning to shampoo your wig, do not put in the sink and wash. A better method would be to place your wig in the hand and allow the water to flow in the direction of the wig, and then, apply the shampoo.

Fashionable wigs have also made an entry into the market. They provide the fairer sex with a visual appeal and the key to maintaining them is to use proper hair products. You need to understand the fact that there is a difference between natural and a wig. So, you need to use any shampoos or conditioning that gives value back to the hair.

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