Sending Diwali Gifts To India Happens Now With a Simple Click

The very word Diwali conjures lots of bright images in one’s mind. Lights, oil lamps, new clothes, the smell of fresh paint and lots of gifts. Sitting in a distant land, you might be thinking of all these as the festivities are just round the corner this year. However, you can still send the gifts to your friends and family members in India. Sending diwali gifts to India is no longer a big deal all thanks to online gift portals that has a whole repository of gifts ready to be ordered for the occasion. With just a few clicks, you will be able to navigate through the many pages that has something for everybody in the family. Hence, if you want to send gifts home, then buy Diwali gifts online for India without any second thoughts.

As you go through the many gift items that you can send home for Diwali, you will probably be confused to see the wide spread in front of you. So, if you are looking for suggestions when shopping for diwali gifts online India, then consider the following ones:


Diwali Diyas: Though electric lights are in vogue nowadays, the beauty of the traditional diyas can never be replaced by them. So, when it is Diwali, you will need to have some diyas at home to light up specific corners. A perfect gift for this auspicious occasion can be a pair of beautifully designed Silver Laxmi Ganesh Idols, 7 Silver Diyas and Silver Coin. Or you can also get a beautiful Three Leaf Diya set which consists 3 earthen lamps : a big Leaf shape diya and 2 Metallic colored Leaf Shaped diyas decorated by golden beads. You can also opt for a 5 light Kalash diya as the perfect gift for the occasion.

Diwali Candles: After the diyas, Diwali candles also make an integral part of the Diwali decoration. There are various kinds available online so you can pick them easily. When you get online diwali gifts India, choose a beautiful Silver Tokri with T:Lites, Brown Metal Box with Stone Toran and T: Lites, 2 Rose Diwali Candles with 400 gms kaju Katli and more.

Diwali Thalis: If you want to send something grander, then go for Diwali Thalis. Opt for a fruit Mithai tray, or a tray with Diwali chocolate and dry fruits, or a Diwali designer thali consisting of a hand painted metal puja thali with diya, chopra, a Ganesh Idol, 250 gm Kaju Barfi, and a Diwali Sagun coin.

Diwali Rangoli: Lovely, colorful rangolis brighten up your house as no other. With the fresh coat of paint on the walls, invite Laxmi into the house with a beautiful rangoli at the doorstep. You can get various rangoli patterns online too like Subh Labh Rangoli with diyas, Designer peacock rangoli, Acrylic Diwali Red Diya Rangoli with Diyas and more.

Diwali Sugarfree Sweets: Sweets are a must have on Diwali, and more the varieties, the better. However, there can be some in the family or any of your friends who is diabetic. Do not worry as you can send them Diwali sugarfree sweets. You can order a Diwali Sugarfree Sweets Assorted Moons Box, Sugarfree pure Kaju mix, Sugarfree Coconut delight, Pista Anjeer Dryfruit mithai cake and more.

Diwali Silver Puja Items: The auspicious festival of Diwali is incomplete without a puja at home or at your office. Hence, sending Diwali silver puja items on this occasion is also a great idea. You can buy a Laxmi silver diya, or a well designed silver thali, a Diwali unique puja katori, or a silver Amphora.

Diwali Shagun Gifts: Sending tokens of love and best wishes to your near and dear ones on Diwali is customary. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to get the gifts. Beautiful and pocket:friendly Diwali Shagun gifts can also be purchased online. Choose a Laxmi gold coin, Diwali Ethnic Puja Chopra, 50 Grams Saraswathi Ganesh and Lakshmi Silver Coin and more.

Diwali Special Jewellery: Send pretty pieces of jewellery for your mother, sister or loved one this Diwali. Pick from bracelet, pearl earrings and more.

When it is Diwali, it is time to celebrate and spread the happiness around. Gifts are an integral part of the festivities and hence cannot be overlooked. If you are abroad and want to send Diwali gifts to India, then consider shopping for gifts online this time. The experience will not only be great, but you will also save on money and valuable time. Discounts are available at special times like Diwali and Bhaidooj which follows soon after. Hence, sending Diwali gifts to India this year is going to be a very different experience, but should be opted for.

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