Tax, Accounting And Bookkeeping Consulting Firms In California

Accounting and bookkeeping for companies are always very comprehensive and complex to manage, sometimes due to huge and miscellaneous entries that would need to be entered into the appropriate accounting books and documents. And if not properly maintained or entered correctly, it could pose some accounting problems for the company regarding its finances. So to avoid such, firms and businesses need to have an accounting and bookkeeping expert to manage and oversee the financials for the company.

In the United States, there are a lot of consultancy firms that provide accounting and bookkeeping services to companies. They handle all the accounting, tax and bookkeeping roles for the company. However, there’s one of such consulting firm which clearly stands out from the rest, and that is Kaya Tax.

Kaya Tax is a boutique tax and consulting firm that provides payroll, accounting and bookkeeping services in Irvine, California. They provide quick and proactive solutions to your tax, accounting and bookkeeping needs. They can handle all types of accounting issues being thrown at them.

They provide the following services:

Keeping Taxes Low – With their in-depth experience, they work with your attorneys, consultants, CPAs and other business professionals so to bring your taxes low.

IRS Audits – In areas such as California sales tax audits, removing tax levies,  and getting tax levies released.

Tax Services –  They professionally take care of your various business and personal tax responsibilities.

Accounting and Bookkeeping – Their dedicated professionals and experienced team of accountants will work with you to address your accounting and bookkeeping concerns.

Payroll Services – Preparation of accurate paydays, provision of integrated accounting softwares and detailed reporting.

Business Consulting – Which includes but is not limited to business purchasing, partnerships, corporate formations, business licensing and much more.

So for all Irvine tax help, audits, accounting and bookkeeping concerns, you can be rest assured that Kaya Tax will do what they do best, which is to help you solve your needs.

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