Things You Should Avoid Consuming Before Flight

Anyone can feel hungry before a flight. This happens more often when there is a lot of time to spare before boarding time and there is nothing else to pass your time. Moreover, there are plenty of dining options available at renowned terminals where one can try out savory meals before traveling to a new destination.

Not to mention, there is plenty to munch on when passengers are on planes. But, do note that eating some of the dishes could have a negative impact on your metabolism. And, this could be embarrassing for you while on your journey. So, let us take a look at some of the foods that you need to avoid before boarding a flight.

Foods that cause gas:

Imagine consuming foods that can cause gas on the closed chambers of a flight carrier like the Qatar Airways. Moreover, on a plane, foods that cause gas have a tendency to promote expansion of gas in the intestines at a much faster rate. This is due to the air pressure on an airplane’s cabin that increases bloating. Such foods may include healthy foods such as lentils, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, etc., which on consumption can increase chances of embarrassing flatulence all the way.

Alcoholic Drinks:

Many passengers, especially business class travelers tend to booze while on a plane. It may help them to ease out the stress and tiredness of a journey. However, liquor is to be avoided (especially in excess) as this can make the consumer dehydrated. If however, you must take alcohol, then you better balance the water content in your body by drinking water.

Indian Food:

Many agree that Indian food is famous for being extra spicy. And, this when consumed on a plane can lead to indigestion and bloating. So, avoiding it during a flight at all costs is a must.

Apples may be a healthy food item, but they have the tendency to cause gas as they are pretty fibrous and can lead to indigestion. Consuming them on a plane is therefore not advisable.

French Fries:

You might be looking up to try this savory dish on a plane, but it is advisable to not go for it. French fries are oily and fatty due to which you will have trouble in digesting them while on a plane.


So you feel like staying awake for which you thought of consuming coffee. Well, this could lead to a negative effect on your health while on your journey on any air voyage such as Singapore to Mumbai flights. Coffee causes dehydration that can further increase chances of nausea and headache.

Eating and drinking on planes may feel tempting, but you have to make sure the item you choose is easily digestible. The above food items should be avoided for a more comfortable journey.


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