Things you need to do on your Shimla trip

Once the summer capital of the British, Shimla is one of the most gorgeous hill stations of our country which still has the power to enchant your mind with its unparalleled scenic beauty. The city has its own charm and its own language through which it communicates with the travel enthusiasts. Once you are in Shimla, make sure you do things that can bring out the quintessential charm of this majestic city to you.

Delhi to Shimla taxi

If you are traveling from Delhi, you might opt for Delhi to Shimla taxi service as your travel option. Once you reach this salubrious hill city, make sure you make the most out of your trip. Here are some of the activities surrounding some special places of Shimla you must indulge yourself on your trip. Keep reading.

  • Visit the Shimla Mal: Since this city was built by the British rulers of India, the Mal is the most beautiful place situated just at the heart of the town. The charm of age old British architecture, along with a beautiful scenic beauty of the green hills will make your trip worth having! You can also ride the horses to roam around the Mal. Enjoy the mystic morning and the pleasant evenings on Shimla Mal!
  • Kali Bari temple: Just one km away from the Mall Road, is situated the famous Kali Bari Temple. The temple houses Goddess Kali who is other wisely known as Goddess Shyamala. Rumor has it that Shimla got its name from Devi Shyamala. Enjoy the walk from Mall Road up to Kali Bari Mandir. The temple is a pious one and will lift up your mood instantly with its positive vibe all around the place. Don’t miss the famous evening prayers of this temple.
  • Visit the famous Green Valley: One of the most famous tourist destinations of Shimla, the Green Valley is located near Kufri and is a valley surrounded by the verdant hills. The lush green scenario of this valley makes it most popular photography point of this city. This valley is so famous that it attracts hundreds of tourists and travel enthusiasts all around the world.
  • Go for the famous Annadale: Annadale is a flat terrain which has been developed as a playground inside the city. The lush green and the quietness of this place will make you come back to this beautifully decorated place time and again. Introduced by the British, this place is still used as a playground by the locals and the tourists all alike.
  • Visit the Jakhoo Hill: The Jakhoo Hill is the highest point in Shimla and is famous for the calmness and the solitude it provides to the tourists. You can also visit the Jakhoo temple and the newly installed Hanuman statue on the top of the hill. Covered with alpine trees, this top place is a beautiful place to hide yourself from the humdrum of the city life for a while.

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