Tips for buying replacement car tyres

Irrespective of the tire quality and brand reputation, tires can remain suitable only for a limited period. As they are made up of synthetic materials and rubbers, they tend to decompose, whether fitted or stored in the basement. You can only delay the early decay with regular maintenance and care. Although proper care will slow down the deterioration; road conditions, driving habits and frequency of driving are few common factors responsible for increasing the decay.

Tires wear out and eventually need replacement. Before you decide to buy car tyre in Dubai for replacing damaged pair, consider

How to find out you need to purchase replacement tires?

Regular inspection, at least once in a month is the best way to spot out the signs of wear and tear before it’s too late. Keep an eye on the smooth rolling and braking while driving vehicle. In case of jumpy movement on a flat track, spend some time to observe your vehicle tyre. Check them for tread wear bars, which are the bands of hard rubber, which only becomes visible, when rubber has lost its thickness beyond the safe limits. 1.6 mm is the standard rubber thickness required to provide secure drive.

Instead of thickness also check for an uneven pattern of wear.  Never ignore cuts, bulges or blister on the sidewall as it can lead complete failure, which is dangerous. If it went flat due to blow-out or side wall got large punctures, replace them with a fresh pair.

How to purchase new tires for replacement?

Replace all four together makes sense. It will help to maintain optimum handling and control while driving. However, if you are buying two either for front or backside, you will need to ensure that new pair is similar to the old one. To avoid choosing a wrong pair, look for the recommendation from the vehicle manufacturer. Consider installing a new pair on the rear axle to improve traction and stability. Carefully check speed ratings before purchasing to avoid picking pieces with different speed ratings. Also, check for load carrying capacity. Ensure to select the tread with load capacity equivalent to original pieces from the manufacturer.

What are few additional points of considerations?

Before you install the newly purchased rubber, inspect the old pairs for any signs of uneven wear. Uneven wear across the surface of the tyre is mainly because of alignment and suspension issues. Also, check inside of the rubber for wear and tear. If you find such signs on the tread, consider fixing alignment issues before putting on a new pair. If you are not sure about the size and type of tyre suitable for your vehicle, check owner manual or placard to get this information. Don’t forget to check the spare wheel for damages. Consider replacing it accordingly and choose the same brand and size for additional piece also. Use of same make, model and size will deliver a better driving experience for the long term.

Conclusion: Consider these simple things to buy car tyre in Dubai without risking yourself to purchase the wrong pair of replacement best Falken tires for your vehicle.


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