Tips to Choose the Right Office Space

Choosing the right office space is a make or break decision for the fortunes of your business. It will be a tough act to balance a perfect space and its affordability. Getting the right space is crucial as the business will have to live with repercussions till the end of the lease period.

Here is a check list of various considerations for choosing the right office space in Pune:

  • Location:

Location is a big deal for any business. First consideration is whether the location is in a safe neighborhood. Your employees and clients will like the office premises if only it is located in a safe neighborhood and has a good reputation. Safety is apriority as employees spend most time of the day in the office premises.

The second consideration location wise is whether it is well connected for transport. This refers not only to public transport but whether the office is accessible by car or bike. For this decision on location, you must sit down with employees and consider their views. Also, connectivity for clients and customers is also a major factor.

The third consideration is the presence of nearby amenities. Is there a restaurant nearby where staff and clients can grab a lunch? Choose a location close to a pharmacy, shopping area or bank, and you will earn the gratitude and loyalty of staff.

Fourth consideration is whether the area is a hotspot for upcoming businesses like start-ups. This can impact the way in which employees and clients view your business and add to the social scene.

  • Building:

First consideration is whether the building is secure. Is there adequate security for physical and social dangers?

Does the office provide a manned reception and what is the quality of customer service offered by these receptionists? The latter will affect the first impression received by clients about your business.

Next, you must consider whether the building you choose is undergoing major revamping or renovation. If so, you will have to deal with the dust and noise for some time to come.

You must also ascertain whether the building is maintained well. Enquire details from existing tenants. Enquire who is managing day to day maintenance and security of the building.

Most important consideration is whether the building has access to a parking area for staff and clients. If there is no parking space in the building, at least there must be space nearby.

Another consideration is whether there are competitors in the same building. In this case, there is a danger that the latter will steal a part of your business.

  • Space:

First task is to determine whether there is enough room for your business. You can ask the designer of your office to do a test fit of your company and its infrastructure.

Next you must ascertain how much freedom you will have to decorate the space.

The acoustics of the office space is also a consideration as employees will not like a noisy office.

Also, consider the total layout of the office space. Space that is shaped irregularly will fit less desks and will increase cost per square foot per employee. One solution is to go in for shared office space. Shared office space Pune will bring down costs of renting or lease.


These are some tips for choosing the right office space in Pune.


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