Toyota Rush SUV – Will it launch in India?

toyota suv

The SUV version of the car models provides safe, comfortable rides to the people nowadays. The buyers of a new car vehicle are not able to easily rule out the possibility of buying an SUV model of any car brand. The huge frames of the car model provide better and clear on the road site to the drivers. The heavyweight that the car possessesmakes it resistant and able to withstand more pressure. The market selling figures of SUVs have waved higher in the last few years and 2018 is no different. Several new models of SUVs from different car manufacturers are ready to be launched and one such model is Toyota Rush.

Rush Highlights

Toyota is ready to launch its new version of Rush SUV in Thailand. The company experienced a great response from the product’s customers in Indonesia and South Africa. When considering price as a factor Toyota rush has to compete with the SUV models of Hyundai and Renault. Powered by the similar 1.5-litre engine as Toyota Yaris, Toyota rush also runs on petrol only. Its engine generates 104 horsepower. The car also contains a set of variety of speed manuals and automatic speed transmission and provides 220 millimeters of ground clearance making it 10 millimeters better than that of Dusters. The 7 seaters Toyota rush expansive features also include wheels made of alloy, LED headlamps, touch screen sound system and on-off button along with a back parking camera.

Launch in India

Toyota’s new SUV Toyota rush seems to be an appropriate product to be launched in the markets of India. However,there are very few possibilities that the company would launch this model in India. Few reasons behind this decision of Toyota are:

  • The dilemma across the country with diesel cars. There is a constant downfall in the range between the prices of petrol and diesel in the country. As a result of it’s very ambiguous that diesel cars will be able to keep its reputation in the market.
  • Toyota is focusing to release its new models based on TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. On the other hand, the rush model constitutes MPV elements which might not attract young buyers.
  • Toyota CHR (couple high rider) the very first product of Toyota deployed on TNGA could prove to be a tough competition for Creta model of Hyundai in India. This time the company is focusing to eliminate its competitors.
  • The SUV has features which make it more fit for off-road Although people in India prefer smooth and comfortable rides as they get in sedans, this gives the edge to its competitors Hyundai and Renault in the market.

Owning an SUV can prove to be very beneficial due to their features which provide comfort and space and also makes them reliable for traveling on daily basis. However Indian riders will have to wait to get their hands behind the wheels of the new launch by Toyota.




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