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What Are The Most Common Trampoline Accessories?

Adding a few trampoline accessories is a surefire way to increase safety and add some fun along the way. Some trampoline will come standard with different items. Today, most backyard trampoline brands offer their trampolines with a standard enclosure net.

It wasn’t too long ago when safety enclosure nets were a hard to find trampoline accessory. In addition to the safety enclosure, there are many other safety driven accessories you should consider.

Trampoline Safety Accessories

Trampoline Ladder

Your trampoline purchase likely came standard with a ladder. But how safe is it? Most standard trampoline ladders have sharp edges, and the stepping area is small.

If your kids like to move fast, it may be a wise investment to upgrade your ladder. Check out the SureStep trampoline ladder.

The steps are large, which makes the chance of injury much less. Also, the ladder is easily removable; we recommend putting it aside when anyone is jumping.

Replacement Springs

Replacement springs aren’t the sexiest trampoline accessory you will buy, but it’s essential for adding longevity to your investment. Proper trampoline care includes checking the frame and springs regularly.

If you notice, your springs are wearing down, or something doesn’t look right, be sure to order some replacements.

Weather Cover Pad

A cover is the best way to add years to your jumping pad. Your trampoline pad might advertize the fact it’s UV resistant, but the sun has a way of wearing down all products. It’s a matter of time before the sun causes damage to your pad.

In addition, the harsh winter months will shorten the life of your trampoline. Not only the weather itself, but the debris that flies around with it. A soaked up leaf that rests on your trampoline for months can cause a great amount of damage.

Trampoline Stakes

Stakes are a great way to protect both your Jumpking trampoline and the surrounding areas from damage. Trampoline stakes are a great addition for people that experience harsh seasons. It’s not based on sleet and snow, but rather, how much high winds you experience.

If you’re in an area that is known to experience this weather, we strongly recommend investing in some trampoline stakes. There have been reports of trampoline getting picked up during heavy winds; a few reports claim that trampolines have smashed into houses.

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