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Are you tired with your 9-to-5 gig and daydreaming of sunbathing by the sea or going on an adventurous road trip? Perhaps a fun hike at a scenic mountain should the quick fix for your itching feet?

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You see, traveling opens your eyes to the reality outside your comfort zone. It allows you to see beyond the photos and experience what exists behind it firsthand. It excites you, molds you towards the better, scares you a bit, challenges you, teaches you things you wouldn’t otherwise learn within four walls, and lets you experiences and tell a lot of crazy stories about your journey. There are a good and bad side to everything—here five of those in traveling:

It can be costly

Yes, it’s possible to travel inexpensively. There are cheap flights, hostels, promos and discounts you can score to go on an adventure without breaking the bank. However, travel is unarguably costly especially if you are a frequent traveler.

At one point or another, you will have those days where you’re on the verge of breaking down and panic because you’re running out of money. If you want to travel without fear of losing money, save a lot while you’re still working or get a back-up credit card. Prepare extensively and plan before you go out and seek what the world offers.

It’s not an escape to your responsibilities

People think that once you quit your job and sell your possessions to fund your great adventure, you’re good to go and leave everything behind. This doesn’t free you from all your responsibilities left behind.

Though it may seem that traveling is light process, it’s actually tedious to plan and prepare for, not to mention it requires full responsibility. You’re responsible to keep your budget at bay, choose the best hotel according to your needs and standards, what you’ll do and where you’ll go, and your safety and security in your destinations. In addition, traveling is not an excuse to run away from your problems.

It can get lonely

Long-term travelers, notably solo travelers, face this dilemma frequently. They meet new sets of people each time they travel from location to location, they may find a close buddy or four along the way but the problem will still arise at some point.

You may meet a lot of people, it can be exciting and a great experience one should have at least once in their lives but at the end of the day, it’s you and yourself you come home with. You dine by yourself, you plan your travels by yourself and being on your own for most days can be soul-sucking. You won’t always have company but whenever you find one, enjoy the moments. And whenever you find the time, come home to the people you truly love and care for.

It’s not always as captivating like the pictures

The beautiful beaches, calling mountains, thrilling trails, and all the other picturesque sceneries—these are all the wonders of nature you take photographs of as a reminder of where you were once and how captivating those memories were. But what else happens behind the camera? After the picture was taken?

Chances are, you could be living in a room shared with 10 other travelers, you could take a job in a hotel as a room attendant or tend in local bars in exchange for free days-worth stay or a couple of bucks, you could be a mess lots of times. Behind the jaw-dropping underground river experience might be a terrible weather or unexpected unfortunate event. No matter what, you’ll still find humor in any events, you are resilient. Besides, you’ll never know when disasters are on your way, and it’s all part of the experience.

Long-term travel can be a challenge

It’s safe to assume that a lot of people share the same dream—to travel and explore the beauty of the world, explore all the succulent food, experience other nation’s culture, meet a number of fun and interesting people (especially the locals), and learn new things for as long as they can.  

If this is what you aim for to do in the next three or five or more years, you need to prepare for the challenges you may face up ahead. Don’t be blindsided by just the good stuff, open your eyes to the dilemmas and obstacles you may come across with along the way.

If you think it’s impossible for you to sleep in camping sites, tend bars to earn a couple of bucks, sleep in a shared room with strangers, come up short from time to time, and all the other good or bad parts of long-term traveling, think again if you’re ready for the adventure. Accept the fact that you can’t control what’s going to happen.

Traveling is exciting, eye-opening and generally just full of surprises. It allows you to step out of your safe box; experience and learn new things you won’t get to learn otherwise. Yes, expect to face a few hiccups here and there if you plan on traveling. That’s how the world works. Let it not be a hindrance to your self-journey as there are more good than bad in traveling.

What other realities are there that no one voices out with regards to traveling, especially in long-term travel? Share your thoughts with us!


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