Two Popular Markets Without Which Every Delhi Trip Is Incomplete

Delhi is renowned all over India for its markets for shopping. Shopping buffs from every nook and corner of the world come to Delhi to stock their little bags with myriad of things. Delhi’s markets are known for their variety, prices and quality. Curious tourists flock these markets to buy some amazing things they can take back home.

A lot of tourists visit Delhi every other day as is evident from the myriads of flights coming and leaving Delhi every day from all major cities of India. Airasia flights from Bangalore to Delhi are quite frequent now, and one can book them any time. There are also train running everyday and if you want to save some bucks, then choose the train journey. However, if you put up nearby then catch a bus or a taxi and make way to Delhi in few hours.

Here are the famous markets of Delhi, which no tourist can leave without grabbing some stuff from there.

  1. Kamla Nagar: this market is located close to the north campus of Delhi University and therefore is frequently trotted by the college students. There are myriads of girls’ stuff available here like all kinds of casual tops and trousers, of latest variety and patterns. There are hair accessories available along with other make-up things. Wallets and purses of all colours and sizes, can be brought from here, a dime a dozen. And how can one forget the legion variety of slippers and fancy bellies which ladies flock to buy. You can even find vendors selling cheap mobile covers (of a variety of designs, funky, girly and sporty) and screen guards. And for the book lovers, come here to buy your favourite classics or other latest novels at the best prices you can afford. If all this is not enough, then you have popular eateries and other showrooms here too.

The famous ones which captivate Delhi’s crowd include Momos Point and the famous Chhole Bhature wala. These shops are always bustled with people, both from inside and outside. They sell the most scrumptious dishes, the most spicy ones, which Delhiites love to savour.right next to the Kamla Nagar market is the old and popular Kolhapur Road, which is famous for Kolhapuri chappals. This boulevard is lined with a plenty of shops and kiosks selling the best and cheapest footwear items. Visit here and buy whatever you wish for, and do not forget to bargain for the best prices.

  1. Connaught Place: centered in the heart of Delhi,is the Connaught Place market and you can easily reach there using Delhi Metro. You simply need to deboard at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, which forms the junction of the yellow and the blue lines. This is the biggest metro station of Delhi and you will find it crowded all the time. Talking about the market, it is dotted with a plethora of posh showrooms and malls. There are also eateries which will never leave you hungry.

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