Understanding the concept of neck braces

The neck brace is known to keep your head relatively still when you are recovering from an injury. Neck problem is a common syndrome affecting millions of people across the globe. 50% to 70 % of people have experienced a neck problem, at least once in their life. Though the foetology of neck pain is something usually unknown, it is not easy to predict which patients will need conservative care and which of them will have persistent pain despite frequent interventions. In short, it remains a complete and subjective experience open to a wide scope of debate.

Types of neck braces:

There are two types of neck braces. The rigid braces are incorporated from moulded plastic consisting of a removable padded liner in two pieces- a back and a front piece. This brace restricts your neck movement during fracture or recovery from surgery. On the other hand, soft cervical collar online braces are embedded with thick foam rubber moulded in cotton. It supports your neck during injury and control pain.

You should know when to spot a brace after you leave the hospital.  You need to wear braces all the time, andparticularly when you sleep unless you are instructed by the surgeon not to do so. The brace should be worn till the spine has fused or healed that can be short as 4 weeks or may range in the period of 4 to 6 months.

The brace will on all counts restrict your movement. One will not be able to see their feet, so you need to take care while walking. Avoid bending and twisting of the spine. The opinion of the doctor needs to be followed relating to exercise.

Benefits and uses of cervical collar

A neck collar’s prime objective is to support theneck of an individual. When you opt to purchase neck collar online, you will come across the fact that they are used by patients who has a history of cervical spine intervention undertaken to provide mobility to the neck.

Caring and wearing the cervical collar:

  • A neck brace needs to be snug enough so that your head cannot be moved and your chin must not slid inside or stick out over the collar
  • Lower edge of the neck brace should rest comfortably over the collar with only the padded region touching the skin
  • In case of long hair, they must be outside the neck brace
  • The skin should be kept clean, dry under the brace. Say no to lotions or pads as they damage the pads.
  • When the neck brace is removed for cleaning, ensure that there are no areas of skin irritation
  • The pads that touch the skin must be cleaned with mild soap every day. If neck brace has plastic supports, they should be cleaned with a mild soap and a mild towel. Abrasive detergents should be not used on any counts.

In a nutshell, a neck, collar bone is worn to provide you temporary relief from neck pain. To derive maximum benefits, it should be worn properly.

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