Urban Legends About Tanning

Although we should use sunscreen all year, summer is when this product is essential, and around its use are some myths

The sun is strong and sunscreen just as basic cosmetic incorporated in our neceseres. We do know that we have advised us to use all year , but we’ve really started to do now.

They run large urban legends about sun protection. Here are some of them.

Myths and Facts About Sunscreen

Makeup can be applied over sunscreen . Power can be but is not a good idea. It should be expected between 5 and 10 minutes for the protector to be absorbed by the skin before thinking about putting up a base. If time is not abundant can choose makeup versions with protection included. Yes you have to retouch every three or four hours to avoid losing effectiveness.

If you are already tanned you will not be burned . “30% of the Spanish population is not sufficiently renewed sunscreen”, according to data from Avene. However the skin, while still dark, must be protected from sunburn and cellular damage.

If you are pregnant you will leave stains . Not true, not only stains go on the embazadas women who do have increased risk of melasma when sunbathing. During pregnancy, hormonal changes activate melanocytes, with sun exposure favors the appearance of spots. Melasma are brown spots and uneven edges that usually appear in the middle of the face. The darker our skin have a higher risk. Find nearest hospitals around you visit Hospitalfinder.pk

On cloudy days we do not need protection . It is false, clouds can even increase solar radiation because it creates a reflective effect. Even on cold days UVB rays are still active.

Sunscreen never put me moreno . False . Although it may seem that a person is soaking up less or slower, you are actually buying color gradually color, it is reducing the risk of burns and also once the tan is achieved, will be more uniform and duradero.Ten in that the sunscreen protection against UV-B radiation is not 100%

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