Vacuum Cleaners: with bag and without bag

Vacuums that use bags are the most hygienic when emptying them because they do not leak the dust inside. Models that have a reservoir instead of a bag tend to release more dirt particles into the environment. If you are scrupulous, emptying and cleaning the tank every time you use the vacuum cleaner, it will not be a pleasant task to clean a vacuum cleaner without bag.

However, when a vacuum cleaner operates with a bag, it causes the apparatus to lose suction force as it fills up. The dirt removes space through which the air circulates, so that pressure is lost.

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One solution to this is not to let it fill up and remove it half empty, but it would not compensate at the time of being bought, because it would be a waste.

The types of vacuum cleaners that can have both bag and reservoir to accumulate the dust are those of sleigh. There are models of both classes and with different sizes and capacities. In contrast, hand vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners do not carry a bag, but a reservoir in which the suction accumulates.

To choose either vacuum cleaner model, it is best to look at the power of the appliance. The more power the vacuum cleaner has, the better result we will get even though the dirt bag fills.

That is, in bag less vacuum cleaners, we recommend cleaning the filter well from time to time. When there is no bag, the filter is more efficient and does not allow specks to pass, so that more dirt is embedded than in other vacuums.

Here we summarize the characteristics of both options so that each one of them is clear and you can choose the one that suits your home surfaces best.

Characteristics of vacuum cleaners with bags:

Here are the main characteristics of vacuum cleaners with bags:

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• Hygienic and respectful of the environment. Many manufacturers sell biodegradable bags that do not pollute.

• They cause the device to lose suction force.

• They are used in sled vacuums, which have the most capacity and power.

• The filter does not become dirty very often.

Characteristics of vacuum cleaners without bags:

Here are the main characteristics of vacuum cleaners without bags:

• Dust comes out when emptying the tank and can be unpleasant.

• The vacuum cleaner does not lose suction force.

• You do not have to buy the spare parts.

• The filter gets dirtier.

Some useful tips to choose your vacuum cleaner:

A good vacuum cleaner is an effective vacuum cleaner if it is adapted to the needs of your home. So it is highly recommended to consider following points before you decide to purchase a particular vacuum cleaner:
• The type of surface you are going to aspire: smooth floor, carpet, upholstery, furniture.

• The surface of your house: size of the main rooms, presence of steps.

• The composition of your family: children, allergic persons, animals.

• The main user of the vacuum cleaner and its frequency of use.

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