When to visit the spine surgeon for seeking remedy?

There are many people who are found to suffer from back pains. At times, the pain becomes extreme, such that they are required to visit the qualified physicians to get remedy and immediate relief. But some conditions which may cause extreme back pains are to be treated by spine surgeons. The reason is because they are considered to be the specialists trained to treat all types of conditions that are spine related.

Spinal conditions may be caused due to accidents or diseases, thus exerting plenty of pressure upon the spinal region. Undue pressure placed on the spine could cause slippage of vertebrae or discs, disc fracturing as well as other conditions.

Different types of treatment offered by the best spine hospital in India

The different conditions requiring the spine surgeon to be consulted without any delay includes disc fractures, DDD (degenerative disc disease), bulging of discs, spinal instability, stenosis, etc. It is the experienced spine surgeon who can explain better the different types of treatments that are available to the patients. In case, the condition is found not to be that serious, then physical therapy may be recommended.

In case, physical therapy is found not to provide relief, then the patient may be suggested to take medication to get relief from their pain. Generally, the medication involves taking of narcotic pain relievers. Problem with such medication is it is quite expensive.

Again if both narcotic medication and physical therapy fails to provide relief, then the other possible surgical options can be discussed with the spine surgeon at the top spine hospitals of India. There are generally two spine surgery types conducted. The first is the open spine surgery, while the other one is minimal invasive spine surgery.

Getting more information

Minimal invasive spine surgery is considered to be more advanced type and quite safe when compared to open spine surgery. The patients after undergoing this surgery also are able to get immense relief and also recover quite faster. But there are some risks associated with the surgery which the patients are to understand clearly. The procedure may not live up to the desired expectations. To ensure success of the spine surgery, the spine condition is to be done away with and discomfort and pain reduced greatly.

If the condition affecting the patient is not changed, then the surgery conducted is unsuccessful. Again, if harm is caused to the patient more than good, the procedure is equally unsuccessful. Several aspects are to be taken into consideration to alleviate the pain. For example, if the person is found to be overweight, then it becomes essential to reduce weight, so as to relieve a good amount of pressure that is otherwise exerted upon the spinal region.

The surgeon also will advise the patient to exercise regularly and to stop smoking immediately. They will also suggest avoiding of strenuous activities and to assume correct body posture while sitting, standing or working. These options are said to reduce greatly the strain placed on the spine, while quitting smoking helps to reduce chances to develop hardened artery. The latter is said to be the cause for the development of degenerating disc diseases.

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