Your Visit To Venice Is Incomplete Without These Things

Venice is a city located in the north eastern part of Italy. The city stands across a group of over 118 islands. Like most other italian cities, Venice too welcomes a fairly large number of individuals every year. It is truly a paradise for people who love an environment which is a perfect blend of tranquil and jumpy, both at the same time. The city has a lot of things to offer its tourists apart from the environment. If you plan to visit Venice, do not miss out the things that are enlisted below.

Take The Gondola Ride

The much talked about gondola ride is one of the perks of staying Venice. A lot of countries and cities have actually copied the theme but Gondola ride of Venice still remains unbeatable. You can book your ride online for being able to enjoy the ride without much hassle. The average time period of a single ride is approximately 30-35 minutes. 

Join The Secret Wine Tour

Venice is known for its alcohol and especially the wine. One important thing that you should not miss when in Venice is to drink like a local. There is a tour organised in the city known as the secret wine tour and it is one tour which almost each of us should experience for once in our lifetime. 

Take A Trip Down Grand Canal

The entire trip down the very famous grand canal is traversed through the mini waterbus. Very few cities have the feature of waterbus which makes this even more exciting. This is an altogether three kilometre long trip. There are very places in the world for which the journey is much more prettier than the destination. Off course, the grand canal is no less than any high end tourist attraction of venice. 

Visit The Contemporary Art Scene

Italy is known much for its art scenes and the scenic beauty that it holds in itself. There are various things that will intrigue your mind to the depths of it. Some of the most famous and the most breathtaking art scenes of the city include Peggy Guggenheim collection. Apart from that it is a repository of the history of Venice’s art. You will get awestruck by the beautiful illustrations. 

Taste The Famous Gelato Ice Cream

Who doesn’t know about the very famous Gelato ice cream that has its roots in the beautiful land of italy. You are not a true ice cream lover if you do not taste the authentic gelato ice cream served in Venice. Although, over the time, like gondola, a lot of people have managed to imitate the gelato ice creams as well but no imitation can ever beat the delicious taste of these creamy scoops served here in the Venice. 

There is much more to Venice than what is listed above but to be brief, these are some of the most interesting things that you should do in the city. The best mode of transport in the city are the venice airport transfers which are very convenient and are light on your pocket.


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