Weekend getaways from Mumbai to help you feel light

There are times in life when we feel that we can’t spend much on most of the things that we want to do, they are called the month ends. For all your month end woes, we have a cure if you like to travel. From the mystical Matheran to the beautiful Karjat, there are many places near Mumbai that should be explored if you want to go on a budget trip. While they will cost you less than Rs 2500 but the satisfaction that you gain will be priceless. Here are a few places around Mumbai you should visit if you are broke.

Karnala: ​If you’re a birding aficionado, this weekend getaway is suited for you. Home to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary covering more than 12 square kilometers, this is the place where you can spot birds like the three-toed Malabar trogon, kingfisher,and ashy minivet alongside more than 150 other species. Also don’t forget to go on an hour long trek to the Karnala Fort on a slope in the haven. Otherwise called Funnel Hill, the fort goes back to the mid 1400s. While stay in Karnala is inadequate, you can stay at a private camp which is budget friendly.

Karjat: ​It is located on the banks of the Ulhas River, which is an untainted getaway in the midst of nature. Trekking is a noteworthy fascination here with the Chanderi Fort, Matheran by means of Rambagh Point and Peth Fort trails being the most well known. Likewise visiting the old sanctuaries, caves and posts in Karjat serve as a reminder of its glorious past. Travelers on a strict budget have numerous stay options to browse from in Karjat.

Matheran: At a height of 2,625 feet above ocean level, Matheran’s is quite unique as there are no cars permitted at this place. An eco-delicate zone, Matheran’s method of transportation is horse ride! Spots to visit in Matheran incorporate Charlotte Lake, Louisa Point, Shivaji’s Ladder and Prabal Fort all of which offer fantastic vistas of the undulating geology. There are a few budget stay choices to browse in Matheran for the frequent travelers!

Igatpuri: Waterfalls​, Mountains and forts are synonymous with Igatpuri. Encompassed by the Western Ghats, the rich green woodland spread makes it all the all the more inspiring. Other than admiring it magnificence, attractions in Igatpuri are bounty and incorporate the Tringalwadi Fort, which houses a sanctuary devoted to Lord Hanuman, Ghatandevi Temple committed to the defender of the ghats and Vaitarna Dam, which offers awesome perspectives of the encompassing scene. There are some sensible budget hotels to look over at Igatpuri.

Silvassa: ​The Indo-Portuguese town of Silvassa is of great picturesque magnificence. Capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, here you can investigate the numerous engineering wonders that spot this town. Going back to the 1800s, Our Lady of Piety Church brags of lavish insides including extravagant openings, the Silvassa Tribal Museum houses a gathering of tribal ancient rarities from the district including weapons and adornments and Swaminarayan Temple with its intricately cut sanctuary walls – all of which are deserves a visit. If you love adventure, take a small scale safari at Vasona Lion Safari Park where you can see lions in a 20-acres of natural surroundings and the nearby Satmaliya Deer Park with a lot of deer and fowls to locate.

Daman: ​The beachfront gem known as Daman is partitioned into Moti Daman and Nani Daman. Established in Portuguese legacy, there are numerous sights that astonish in Daman with the most unmistakable being Fort of Moti Daman, which overwhelms the scene. Traverse the Damanganga River and walk around Nani Daman’s angling backwaters. Daman’s Devka beach is continually humming with movement yet in the event that you incline toward something calmer, head to Jampore Beach where palms influence in the tender breeze.

With so many weekend getaways from Mumbai located just few hours away, pack your bags and go on a trip that you will remember for lifetime.

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